Nice Words.

Ashley Rivera had some nice things to say in his year end wrap up. In between spiels on Virgin Spring and Spoon he had this to say:

2673 “A Saffron Wasteland”
2673 is one of the other few people making noise in 2010 with a point of view so clear, so established in who they are as a musician and creative person, that with each new release he strips away more and more of what he isn’t to leave what’s most important. 2673, as his button states, isn’t noise per se, but PLAIN ELECTRONICS. His pieces are bolts of energy and tectonic waves, specific in timbre and frequency, and manipulated with patience and care. He emerges from the same universe as Morton Feldman and Eliane Radigue – his recordings are not songs but objects, that seem to hang in the air and breath and simply be.